The Need

The Need

Logie Baird, Alexander Fleming, James Watt and others shaped the modern world. Scotland can do this again. The image of Scotland as a land of innovation is shared and validated by international observers. We must now live up to that.
Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, January 2012

The Heroes Centre deliberately sets out to create an environment of inspiration and creative freedom – we will make IT ‘sexy’ not stale. The Centre will open our eyes to technology particularly content creation as an enabler. We will nurture and encourage people to feel empowered, to realise that they have the capability and the tools readily available to them to change the world..that they can be John Logie Baird.

We’ll use the Heroes of our past to create the architects of our future.

The Facts:

  • Scotland requires 40,000 new IT professionals in next decade. Scotland’s future GDP is relying heavily on highly skilled technology based practitioners being in Country.
  • Scotland’s Technology Sector is estimated to be worth £4bn to the economy and its growth boosts the Economy by more than £30m annually
  • Continued adoption and use of ICT could generate an additional £5bn in productivity gains to the Scottish
  • The sector employs over 100,000 ICT professionals in Scotland and is a key driver of future economic growth

And yet:

  • Number of young people choosing to study IT/digital media related courses in Scotland has declined by 13% over the last 5 years and it is genuinely perceived that the teaching of IT in schools is in need of a radical overhaul.
  • By 2015 90% of internet traffic will be video and yet much of this content will be ‘worthless’. Skills in the production of video/online TV are required.
  • One third of UK small and medium-sized companies have a web presence
  • Only one in seven SMEs sell their products and services online

This must change.

We must change the way we encourage people to interact with the net and we must embrace creativity. We are at the start of the second industrial revolution but it’s not on land – its’ in the cloud.

In addition to the unique learning space, the Heroes Center will provide the community within Helensburgh with a facility that can become a social hub. Currently there is no natural safe meeting place, out of School hours, for the town’s young people and as a consequence there is a high degree of social disengagement from the community within the teen age groups particularly. The Centre will also provide a much needed economic boost to the area and will create new skilled employment opportunities.

But perhaps most importantly of all, the Heroes Centre will provide a perfect platform for a community to embrace and celebrate inspirational locals.

Inspirational people add value to the whole community and they serve beyond individual interests to contribute to the greater public good and community prosperity.

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