Wall of Fame

Exhibition Space

The Logie Baird TV set in the local library was a constant reminder for me that you can come from a small town like Helensburgh and go out into the world and do whatever you want."
Tom Vaughan, Helensburgh born Heroes Centre Ambassador and film director

Inspiration and Aspiration are the central themes running throughout the Heroes Centre, and nowhere is this more evident than the building’s exhibition space.

The space is dedicated to the men and women that have achieved so much in their lives and whose actions have enriched the society in which we live.

Each person represented has a story board and where possible original memorabilia associated with their lives.

We currently have on display Emma Richard’s Around Alone sailing jacket, Gordon Reid’s London 2012 Tracksuit, a signed AJ Cronin first edition dedicated to hsi biology teacher, Andrew Bonar Law’s personal scrapbook detailling his 200+ days as UK Prime Minister and the World’s oldest known complete Television Sales Catalogue produced by John Logie Baird.

Beautifully lit with stunning lighting, the exhibition space helps creates an overall inspirational environment for our visitors.

The flexible space will be utilised over the months with new and exciting exhibitions.

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