Digital Entertainment

Digital Entertainment

There is one thing that sets a cinema apart from other contemporary buildings:


A true cinema experience cannot be purchased or licensed or created a new, not for all the technological revolution available in today’s fast moving world.

The look on a child’s face as they witness their heroes on a big screen for the first time, the sneaked first kiss between two teenagers the moment the lights dim, the sheer feel good factor as good triumphs over bad – these experiences cannot be bought they have to be lived – experiences that survive and are then preserved as abiding memories.

Cinema is quite simply history.

In addition to creating an atmosphere appropriate for movie watching, the theatres are remembered decades later for the purely sensory pleasures they provided. Even after many years, people recall the feel of the nap of the seat fabric, the smell of popcorn and chocolate, the Pearl & Dean trailer, or the distinctive feel and sound of the folding seats edged in cold metal going up and down.

Today’s big screen experience features wall to wall screens, enhanced digital projection in 2D or 3D, mind blowing digital sound and even your plush seat can pitch, roll and heave in perfect sync with the action taking place onscreen -taking digital enjoyment to another level.

Digital Entertainment @ The Heroes Centre

The Heroes Centre utilising the latest in 21st Century technology will offer so much more than ‘simply film’.

It will offer Experience with a capital E.

  • The latest digital projection and sound across two auditoriums, seating 170 patrons in luxurious comfort
  • A small stage will offer the perfect platform for guests to hold 'Evening With..' sessions
  • Sport, Music and Theatre on the big screen
  • Special screenings to mark events, festivals and people
  • Kid's Club
  • And of course the latest Films

Helensburgh will be forever linked with the magic of the moving image through its association with John Logie Baird, Jack Buchanan, Deborah Kerr, Mary Ure and that legacy continues today through Tom Vaughan, Laura Grieve and Lex Shrapnel. The establishment of a digital entertainment centre in this small Clyde side town would be a fitting tribute to the enjoyment and memories that they have given to millions and millions of people around the Globe.

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