Digital Academy

Digital Academy

The Heroes Centre will provide Scotland with an inspirational creative environment designed to equip individuals and small businesses with the skills needed to compete and thrive in today’s digital world.

The Centre will cater for people of all ages. You are never too young to start and never too old to learn. We simply want to make the learning fun, inspirational and above all practical.

All courses will be delivered by professionals from within the IT and digital media industries and will be short, sharp and of exceptional quality.

Participants at the Heroes Centre Academy will learn from a new media curriculum, learn to apply new media tools and techniques, find out how to promote online and engage with industry leaders and experts. Our students will learn a wide range of skills from story boarding, scripting, through lighting, filming, green screening and editing. And once they have completed their output, they will learn how to promote themselves using social media, PR and the web.

And of course the Heroes Centre will give all students the opportunity to munch a bag of popcorn, whilst experiencing the fruits of their labours on one of the Centre’s big screens in glorious digital surround sound!

In addition to digital media and broadcast video skills, the Centre will support the successful Coder Dojo ethos of running workshops to encourage people to develop their coding and programming skills. We want to uncover the ‘must have’ App of the future!

If you want an insight into what you can expect, the Heroes Centre will not be too dissimilar to the newly launched YouTube Content Creator Academies in London, Spain and Germany.

In summary, the Heroes Centre will be used by people of all stages of life to increase their IT awareness, skills and provide them with real creative opportunities to engage with the digital economy.

  • Young people can try programming, video skills or graphics education using software which in the process will allow them to be expressive and creative.
  • For working age people it will be a place to broaden their skills and train them for new job opportunities.
  • For older people it will be a non-threatening environment to introduce them to the IT and to develop their computer awareness and skills.
  • It will enable small businesses to use web promotion/marketing techniques that are currently the preserve of much larger firms.
And every one of our participants will have the unique experience of knowing that the pioneer of television, John Logie Baird, was born just a few hundred yards from their laptop!

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