Entertainment – Seb Vaughan aka “69db”

Seb Vaughan aka “69db” – Founder member of UK 1980s techno Acid House movement – the “Spiral Tribe” sound system

At the age of 17 Seb, brother of Film Director Tom, left the family home in Helensburgh to play drums for his psycadelic rock band.

The year was 1988 and was the year that Acid house took the country by force. After 2 years of discovery in and around the many parties 69db being a drummer saw the potential in this repetative beat. At the same time as joining Spiral Tribe Sound System 69db enrolled in City of Leeds College of Music where he got his access to his first recording studio. It was here that he composed his first tracks for Spiral Tribe.

Over the 90’s along with Spiral and its sub labels Network 23 and Stormcore, 69db has worked under names such as SP23, R-ZAC and Liveset Dub.He has worked also on many labels i.e. Big Life, Drop Bass Network, Force inc. , Rabbit City , Trax Records Chicago , Labworks , Acid Orange and Expressillon.

69db ‘s music litterally grew up on the sound systems of the 1990’s. He has played consistently in the European underground , installing his live on party after party for now close on 15 years. It is from this background that his love and need for improvisation has been established.

It was in 1997 that the now much respected and fruitful colaboration with Paris based Label Expressillon began. It has been a very open colaboration that has led to recordings that have created a world that explores Dub, techno, breakbeat, hard tec, and group improvisation. Everything began with the album ”In Dub-technic” a voyage into improvised jams fusing dub, techno and breakbeat. This was followed by ”Freestyling” which highlighted the meeting between 69db and anglo jamaican M.C. Tablloyd. This brought a vocal-beatbox dimention to the improvisations. Following this came the albums ”Dragon Dub” and ”Chip Jockey” – two solo projects one Dub , one Hard- Tech . After that came ”New Weather” a Jazz, tachno, dub fusion group that was a free improvisation between Sax, percussion, bass, vocals, electronic drums and chip jockey which brings us up to date with the new album from M.C. tablloyd and 69db “Bedroom mixes from the soul” .

69db has always fought to preserve a feeling of freedom and spirituality in his music. He has always felt a strong inluence from musicians such as John Cotrane , Miles Davis , Jimi Hendrix , King Tubby , Talking Heads, and Frank Zappa.

69db ‘s improvised music has always been an inspiration source for video performers. The year 2004 saw the birth of his first Dvd project with video-producer Dr No: ‘Armchair Escpism”. End of 2004 also saw appearances on Network23 /1993-1996” triple cd compilation (Expressillon) as well as on World Traveller Adventures” dvd (Uwe).

69db continues to innovate in the worlds of music and video, his following is worldwide and if his name is not a household one it is because he has never ‘sold out’ to go commercial despite numerous approaches from record labels and the media, he has remained true to his beliefs.

You can catch up with 69db and hear his music on MixCloud

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