The Blog / January 2013

The Last Helensburgh Picture House

It seems hard to believe that 2014 will represent the 30th anniversary of the last admission of a paying Helensburgh resident into a local cinema. The cinema was the La Scala on James Street and the film was ‘Tank’ starring James Garner, Shirley Jones and C Thomas Howell. What is probably even more unbelievable is […]

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Heroes Centre launched on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland

The fundraising campaign for the Heroes Centre was launched on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland programme today. Listen to Phil Worms talking to GMS presenter Gary Robertson.

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Digital skills academy for Scotland gets backing from Hollywood and Holyrood

‘Hunted’ star and Scottish Government support £2 million fundraising campaign Hollywood and Holyrood have come together to support a £2 million fundraising bid to establish a digital skills academy to be known as the ‘Heroes Centre’ in Helensburgh, the birthplace of John Logie Baird the founder of television. Actor Lex Shrapnel, who starred in the […]

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